Jinghua Ceramic & Porcelain Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and developed greatly in 1998 with covering an area of 3400㎡ land for the factory and 7000㎡ for the buildings. Our company has been specialized in designing and producing ceramic and porcelain craftworks including quality-grade porcelain Buddha ware, craftworks for gift collection and for house decoration and so on by a group of professional designers in style-engaging and ceramic glaze development. We have kept to update our products. For the sake of the simplified patterns, rusticity, colorfulness and fashionable and distinguished quality, they have been a great favour and loved deeply by those elegant people and become the top-grade for house decoration from home and abroad.

  Our products have been well sold to dozens of countries and area, such as Europe, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Canada, Australia, etc., which have been a kind of high taste trend and become a luxury in the genteel house decoration.  With the policy of ‘Quality Oriented, Reputation Foremost, Service Sincerely, and Customers Satisfied’, we sincerely provide superior service and good-quality products for clients all over the world, pacing up with the time in stable and practical way to seek for mutual profit and prosperous future.
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